Types of Pressure Washer Nozzles


The pressure washer nozzle is the part of the machine that dispenses the water. The best pressure washer is a high-pressure cleaning device that blasts water onto different surfaces. The nozzle directs the water to the surface being cleaned and determines what type of spray pattern it makes. There are different types of nozzles for different purposes, such as cleaning flat surfaces, narrow spaces, and curved areas.

With so many options, it can be tough to find the right one for your needs. But here are a few of the most common ones

  • Flat Fan: A flat fan is the most basic nozzle and is used to spray water in a wide, even pattern.
  • Floodjet: A floodjet nozzle produces a broad, concentrated spray that can be adjusted to be smaller or larger based on your needs.
  • Adjustable Nozzle: An adjustable nozzle allows you to change the pressure of your stream by twisting the tip of the nozzle head.
  • Soap Nozzle: A soap nozzle allows you to apply detergent to tough stains.
  • Rotating Nozzle: A rotating nozzle creates a cone shaped pattern that can be adjusted while being used.

How Long Should a Pressure Washer Nozzle Last before Changing?

The truth is that there are a lot of variables that can affect the lifespan of your pressure washer nozzle. The right answer to how long a pressure washer nozzle lasts is: it depends.

The type of nozzle you use makes a big difference in how long it will last. For example, ceramic nozzles are designed to be used with hot water pressure washers only, so they won’t last as long as metal nozzles on cold water units. Metal nozzles generally last longer than plastic ones, but are more expensive.

Beyond the material, the size of the nozzle makes a big difference in its longevity. The smaller the spray angle, the more concentrated and high-pressure the water stream is, that comes out of your nozzle. This means that smaller nozzles will erode faster than larger ones, since they have to work harder to generate that stream. Larger nozzles can also cover more surface area with each pass, which means less work overall.

Can You Fit a Pressure Washer Nozzle onto a Garden Hose?

This is one of the questions that comes up frequently when people are trying to decide whether they want to buy a pressure washer. It also comes up when people want to know if they can get by with just buying parts and adding it on to their existing garden hose.

The answer is yes, you can fit a pressure washer nozzle onto your garden hose. In fact, many pressure washers come with an adaptor that will allow you to do this.

But there are some things to consider before you go ahead with it:

What type of pressure washer do you have? Some models require a certain type of nozzle for them to work properly. This isn’t usually an issue with most electric models, but some gas-powered ones may have different requirements.

What size hose are you using? A larger diameter hose will be able to handle more water flow than one that’s smaller-diameter, so make sure whatever attachment fits into it can handle whatever size of pipe it needs. If not, then maybe consider getting another model instead (or at least find an adapter).

How much pressure do you need? A higher-pressure washer might not be able to handle smaller pipes without damaging them over time.

You can however, bypass the hassle of getting a fitting adapter for the garden hose. Check with Giraffetools collections today and get a standard machine fitted with everything you need.


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